So here it is, I’m finally starting a blog. It’s been an idea that I’ve toyed with for years, and no, that’s not an exaggeration. I’ve attempted to make a blog several times in the past, but generally never got much further than a title, and so while I definitely have no ideas for what I want this blog to be about, I’m committed to giving it a go. I don’t think this will conform to any genre of blogging really, aside from being personal. I’ll undoubtedly use it as a way of talking about mental health and my experiences, but I’ll also probably just write about life, love, new topics that I find interesting, I’ll review things (most likely in a terrible, non-helpful way), I’ll rant about little things and huge issues and that’s why it’s called Bo Babbles, because it will mostly just be me babbling.

Writing has always been a passion of mine, and while I may not be the best, I enjoy it and since starting university nearly three years ago, it’s something I’ve neglected and I guess that that’s why I’m choosing to start a blog now. Writing is my form of escapism (see that, linking back to the title, clever, eh? No? Okay…). It is my way to get out the amalgamation of thoughts that fly around my head, be that through a work of fiction or an account of my day, or any other form of writing; it’s just a way to get out of my own head. And this blog is anonymous (Bo is just a nickname that very few people call me) so that it can truly be the place I escape to.

And I guess that there’s not much left to say in the first blog post, honestly, I just wanted to write again for me, but I didn’t have anything in particular I wanted to write about. But it felt good to write again, and hopefully I can make this a somewhat regular thing, to write whether I have a topic or not.

So until next time!



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